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Innovation, Research and Development Week 2021

November 14-18
Beilinson Hospital




Innovation Within the Hospital

Diverse Team
LP + Dieticians 2_edited_edited
The Vision

The RMC Innovation Lab specializes in needs-based innovation. 

Our Needs

The projects that sprout from the innovation lab are identified within the hospital

The Process

Needs-driven innovation starts at the recognition of a gap in patient care

RMCiL Advantages

Need identification by professionals 

The RMC Innovation Lab works according to the design thinking method, where a large emphasis is put on identifying and understanding the user and the unmet gap. Who better to perform that diagnosis than our trained clinical professionals? Guided by our team, we recognize and process hundreds of unique unmet needs each year. 

Innovation within a large tertiary hospital

Rabin Medical Center (RMC) is one of the most prominent and largest medical facilities in Israel, leading in clinical fields such as transplantation, oncology and cardiology. It has been a leader in the use of new technologies while maintaining the highest standards of quality medical and nursing care with personal attention towards the wellbeing of patients and their families.


We are a small group of professionals from different complementary backgrounds fields, ranging from business executives to senior physicians of all medical fields. Upon identification and research of a new unmet need, we form specialized groups who are able to rapidly iterate, research and test our technological solutions within the hospital. 

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