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The RMCIL Process

Innovation Process.png
  • The first step is the recognition of an unmet need. We spend time observing, creating empathy for our patients, families, and clinical staff. ​

  • After identifying relevant unmet needs, we begin researching for the basic constituents of our challenge: 

  1. Population​ - this must be described as accurate as possible, including incidence, persona, patient journey, etc.

  2. Problem - what is it exactly that we are trying to solve?

  3. Solution​ - if solved, what change would our tool bring about? What impact will it have?

  • Brainstorming for solutions. At the first phase, ​any idea for potentially bridging the gap is welcome. Later, we combine some of the craziest ideas in forming what may become a viable, groundbreaking, technical solution. This includes concept design, based on user experience and "design thinking".

  • At this stage, we build the framework for a future company, bringing together the necessary pieces of the puzzle in-house, while maintaining a connection to the hospital for future learning, reiterative design and clinical testing.

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